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The Connections Series



Mixed media drawings on canvas exploring our connections as women to the children we carry both born and unborn. This series was first exhibited at the works gallery in Birmingham as part of the inaugral exhibition of B-VAC. (Birmingham Visual Artists Coalition) Further events with Bvac which featured this work included a Flashmob exhibition in various locations around the city.


the first exhibition by B-VAC...birmingham-visual artists coalition. 15 artists all with very diverse practices. It took place at The Works gallery. The theme for the exhibition was the name B-VAC itself. we could take any aspect of it to explore. I used the hyphen defined as a short line connecting 2 separate objects.


The connections series is the resulting work.


Connections 1
Connections 1: detail
Connections 2
Connections 3
Connections 4: Thoughts of India
Connections 4: detail
Connections 5
Connections 6


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