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Even Wet Wood Burns: first piece for the BENEATH series.

The first larger scale drawing is complete for the 'Beneath' series which explores the hidden made visible.

'Even Wet Wood Burns' ink on paper 29x39cm

This piece speaks to the realisation that our intuition is a powerful force, a trustworthy ally and something to be ignored at our peril. It's a piece that celebrates a welcoming home of inner trust, self love and female power beyond naivety in perpetuity. In simpler layman's terms... it's a celebration of finally understanding that if it smells off it probably is and learning to act on the scent.

In hindsight life will often play out and show you if you called it right or not but proof should never be needed in order to claim our own power back and act on intuition. For beware, it is often within the waiting for proof that we become powerless. This waiting the trap that all too readily captures the naive soul and crushes it. I'd played out this crushing on repeat...until this moment!

This drawing is a celebration of the moment when 'no more, I trust myself' was screamed into the storm,' It acknowledges the joy of validation that the things I had been dodging were indeed bullets and is a joyful cry to freedom. Stepping away from naivety in any of life's situations and into personal power is built into every ink dot of this piece.

Firm boundaries steering the ship alongside holding up great intent, integrity, truth and kindness as the North Star, never fails! The "Beneath" series is about finding and walking this path, about listening to your body, trusting your gut and escaping the lies inside your head...not every voice inside there is your own! Becoming my own hero is my octopus, it's this that allows me to save myself by lifting myself up into self-trust.

The favourite animal. Did you know they have 3 hearts? Imagine that! I've had my heart shattered more than once in love, imagine if you had three hearts beating within brokenness! No wonder their blood runs blue! But don't be fooled, they have learnt to survive in spectacular fashion. Escape artists able to squash themselves through holes as small as a coin and also with the ability to grow back limbs when they lose one. You have to admire that level of resilience. They are the trauma warrior of my one single precious heart that I will protect forever!

And the title? Well a question was aimed my way, a quite cruel question with the intent to do harm and throw worry out into the world, it seems apt the mythical goddess, renowned for her strength in storms gets to answer it..... even wet wood burns and guess what...she's brought a match! It's a title that marks a refusal to join in with the hate of others but to walk with kindness down a path of trusting what lies beneath.

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